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50 Ideas To Feel Happy

Imagine ..... you are feeling quite low since a couple of days. You hope the situation will change quickly. You start asking yourself: When was actually the last time I was really happy and why? If it takes you a while to think of a happy moment, it’s time to do something about it.

With so many people feeling anxious, depressed and isolated these days, it’s important to know WHAT makes you happy. Do more of what helps you feel good about yourself.

Here some suggestions:

# 1

Listen to your favourite song and dance to it as if no one is watching.

# 2 

Compliment someone for doing something nice or looking nice. 


Prepare your favourite food and enjoy eating it. Bite by bite. 

# 4 

Learn something new that afterwards will make you feel proud of.

# 5 

Make yourself cosy in your home and read a good book.

# 6 

Help someone who needs your help. Make a difference to that person. If you can't think of anyone in your circle of friends, look online. There are lots of people who are looking for advice in various matters. 

# 7

Go for a walk into the park or the forest. Enjoy the quiet time or the sound of nature. Birds twittering, water splashing ...

# 8 

Celebrate every little achievement in your study, work or personal life. Reward yourself with something that brings a smile to your face. 

# 9 

Watch a documentary about a topic you are particularly interested in. Try to learn as much as possible along the way.   

# 10 

Declutter your work and living space. Tidy up a room in your home, make it look sophisticated. Clean it thoroughly. Spray some nice fragrance. Add some plants to it. Hang up a nice picture that reminds you of a lovely moment. Enjoy the new feeling.

# 11 

Get dressed in your favourite clothes and go for a coffee/shopping.

# 12 

Take a long, relaxing bath/shower, spray some nice fragrance in the bathroom and let your favourite music play.

# 13 

Take a break from your gadgets and social media.

# 14 

Prepare a lovely breakfast like in a 4-star-hotel. Take your time and enjoy it to the fullest.

# 15 

Invite some friends over to your home and watch a movie.

# 16

Buy yourself a nice flower bouquet and put it in a place where you see it easily.

# 17 

Surprise someone (you know/you don’t know) with an unexpected kind gesture.

# 18 

Do some exercise at home and listen to your favourite music.


Treat yourself with a pamper day.

# 20 

Do some painting or drawing. Get creative. For example, take objects and include them in your painting. 

# 21 

Play a board game or do some online quizzes that enhance your learning in a particular subject. Challenge yourself and see how much you know about a certain topic. 

# 22 

Watch a funny video that makes you laugh.

# 23

Look at old photo albums. Re-live those moments. 

# 24 

Write down 20 things you are grateful for and appreciate them. 

Don't take anything for granted. 

# 25 

Room around in your area and take some pictures/videos 

with your phone. 

# 26

Create something or build something. Try to make something beautiful, useful and creative, out of nothing. 


Write a book (with stories, poems, quotes or sharing your experiences).


Do some gardening. Look online for some inspiration who you can enhance the outlook of your garden (if you are lucky to have one) even more. 

# 29 

Meditate and do some yoga. Try to completely switch off from all your duties and responsibilities. Focus on the moment. 

# 30 

Go for a run in the morning on a sunny day before having your breakfast.  Realise that you did something that is good for your soul and body. 

# 31 

Play a musical instrument or sing along your favourite song.

# 32 

Enrol in an online course and learn something that you have always been curious about. (Check out if there are some free courses too, e.g. on, etc.)

# 33 

Catch up with a friend you haven’t spoken to since a long time.

# 34 

Watch motivational videos on YouTube. There are lots of famous celebrities that give speeches and some inspiration. 

# 35 

Get a massage.

# 36 

Help others (in person or online). On for example, many people look for advice. Browse through different topics and questions and see if you can add real value to a person’s life.

You never know who you come across.

# 37 

Launch your own YouTube Channel and share your experiences with the world. Focus on something that is related to your job or do something else that you feel passionate about.

# 38 

Volunteer and do something meaningful for a cause that you feel strongly about.

# 39 

Go for shopping and look for bargains (eg. in local charities).

# 40 

Practise meditation.

# 41 

Pray (be grateful for what you have and aim for what you would like to achieve).

# 42 

Spend time with your family and browse through old photo albums.

# 43 

Avoid social comparison. 

# 44 

Spend time with positive people.

# 45 

Be curious about the world and find out some interesting things about a topic that interests you.

# 46 

Tell someone that you love them.

# 47 

Smell something that puts you in a good mood. Coffee, fragrance, etc. 

# 48

Ignore those negative people who annoy you.

# 49 

Create a collage of things that once you would love to have in your life and put it on your wall.

# 50

Teach someone something you are good at (in person or online).

Last, but not least, choose to be happy, every single day!

If you know someone who could also benefit from this blog post, please share. Thank you. 

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