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100 Questions To Ask A Recruiter During A Job Interview

Imagine ... you are at a job interview and the recruiter's last question is "Do you have any questions about the job position or our company?". Your answer is NO. 

Well, the Hiring Manager wouldn't be really impressed. They would want to hire someone who shows interest and motivation, not just in the job position but also in the company and what they do. Remember, coming up with smart questions (whose answers you don't find on the internet or in their corporate brochures) is something that can set you apart. It might be just this little bit of curiosity that gives you the extra edge and help you in landing the job. 

Thus, here I would like to give you a selection of 100 questions from which you can choose the most appropriate ones to ask in your next interview. 

We can divide the questions into 4 areas: 

* Candidate-related Questions 

    * Job-related Questions 

    * Company-related Questions 

    * Recruiter-related Questions 


Candidate-related Questions 

1.    How should the candidate for this job NOT be? 

2.    Are there aspects of my background or skills about which you would like to hear more? 

3.    Are there any considerations/doubts you have for my application? 

4.    Can you describe an ideal employee? 

5.    If I could do just one thing over the next 3 months for the maximum benefit to you and your department, what would it be? 

6.    What are the key skills and attributes I would need to progress within the company? 

7.    How closely do my qualifications match the requirements for the open position? 

8.    How much opportunity is there to see the end result of my efforts?

9.    How soon will I be able to be productive? 

10. What kind of personality is this company looking for this particular job?

11. How will my performance be measured? By when? How often? 

12.  How do my skills compare with those of the other candidates you have interviewed? 

13. What is the generally accepted attire? Business casual? Business formal? 


Job-related Questions 

14.  Do you have a complete job description for this job? 

15. To whom would the position report directly? 

16.  Can I have a look at my workplace? 

17.  What is the start date? 

18.  How long does the probationary period last? 

19.  What are the working hours? 

20.  Is it possible to get some material before I get started with the job to prepare myself? 

21.  Can you describe me a typical working day in this job position? 

22.  What are the priorities for this job position for the next 6 months? 

23.  Will traveling be required in this position? 

24.  What particular computer equipment and software do you use? 

25.  What percentage of routine, detailed work will I encounter? 

26.  What kind of work can I expect for doing the first year? 

27.  Do you have an induction course, notebook? 

28.  How long has this position been open? 

29.  How has this vacancy arisen? 

30.  Is it possible to have a chat with the person who is currently in this position? 

31.  How many opportunities will I have for decision-making in my first assignment? 

32.  How many times has this position been filled in the past five years? 

33.  When do you want to have the position filled by? 

34.  Do people tend to work here for a number of years once they’re hired or is there a high turnover? 

35.  What should the new person do that is different from the last person that had this position? 

36.  Are promotions based on seniority or accomplishments? 

37.  How is this department perceived within the organisation? 

38.  Who will report to me? 

39.  What are the key challenges facing the department I would be part of? 

40.  Why is the current position open? Has the previous incumbent been promoted, left the organisation, etc.)? 

41.  Are there any opportunities for career progression? When? 

42.  What people will I be working closely with? 

43.  Is it possible to have a chat with those people I will be working closely with? 

44.  To what extent are new ideas welcomed? 

45.  Has anyone been fired in the last year in this company? Why? 

46.  Is it possible to get involved also in other projects? 

47.  What is the remuneration? 

48.  Are there any additional benefits or perks? (company’s shares, car, meal bonuses, mobile phone, childcare vouchers, gym membership, insurance etc.) 

Company-related Questions 

49.  Who was the founder of this company? 

50.  Could you explain your organisational structure and where I will fit into it? 

51.  How well has the company performed in relation to its major competitors over the past two years? 

52.  How many people work for the same department? 

53.  How many employees does the company have in total? 

54.  What is the company growth plan over the next five years? 

55.  What is the difference between your company and company xyz? 

56.  What is the female percent of the staff? 

57.  What is the team’s average age? 

58.  Do your employees socialise outside of the workplace? 

59.  Does the company invest in training and further education? 

60.  How financially secure is this company? 

61.  How are employees being motivated? 

62.  How does communication take place within this company? 

63.  What does the company stand for? 

64.  How does the company deal with mistakes? 

65.  Are there any mentors in this company? 

66.  What does the press say about this company? How is the company’s reputation? 

67.  Most corporate brochures speak only to the plusses of working for a firm. Are there any challenges or downsides you would like to discuss? 

68.  What training opportunities are given and how well are these accessed by women? 

69.  Does your company have a work-life policy and is it well used? 

70.  How successful is the company? What is its market share, its position in the market? 

71.  How innovative is this company? What was the last innovation that has been implemented? 

72.  Is this company member of a specific association? 

73.  Does your company provide specific industry magazines and do all employees have access to it? 

74.  How would you describe the company’s culture? 

75.  How engaged is this company with social media? 

76.  Could you give me some examples of women who have made it through to senior management? 

77.  Who are the company’s main customers? 

78.  What are the company’s strengths and weaknesses compared to its competitors? 

79.  How much guidance or assistance is made available to individuals in developing career goals? 

80.  How do you think this industry will change in the next five years? 

81.  Is there anything else I should know about this company? 

82.  Are employees allowed to be on social media networking sites during working hours? 

83.  Are there any plans for a corporate merger or outsourcing initiatives? 

84.  Does the company adapt new technology quickly? 

85.  How old is your computer system? 

86.  What are the skills and traits of people who are the most successful within the organisation? 

87.  What is the organisation’s policy on transfers to other divisions or other office

88. What do you think is the greatest opportunity facing the organisation in the near future? The biggest threat? 

89.  How accessible are the senior management and the board? 

90.  How does the company involve its people in its projects? 

91.  What behaviours and management styles are rewarded? 

92.  Why are employees happy to work for this company? 

93.  What misconceptions do people have about this company? 

94.  If you could change one thing about how this company functions what would it be? 

95. When will you decide on the appointment? 


Recruiter-related Questions 

96.  In what capacity did you first join the company? 

97.  How has your career progressed? 

98.  Why did you come to work here? What keeps you here? 

99.  Can I have your business card, please? 

100.               What is the next step in the process? Might there be any further interviews?

Hope it gave you a bit of inspiration. Just make sure you DO ASK questions, but not questions whose answers have already been given during the interview. If you do, it shows that you were not listening carefully! Thus, watch out! 

If you know someone who might also be interested in this article, 

please feel free to share. Thank you. 

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