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How To Be A Great Conversationalist

Imagine ... you are sitting in a room with a stranger and you simply don't know what to talk about. You know that you will be there for another one hour. What are you going to do? 

    "Deep conversations with the right people are priceless."
  1. Always be genuinely interested in the other person. Set yourself a goal that at the end of the conversation you want to know certain things about that person.

2. Focus on positive topics and avoid negative ones. Set a positive mood right from the beginning.

3. Make sure your chat is a conversation and does not turn into an aggressive debate or even fight. If you have to disagree with someone do so, but know how to do it the polite way.

4. Don’t judge others. Respect their opinion if it differs from your own and don’t criticise.

5. Make the other person feel and look good about themselves, without coming across as unauthentic.

6. Look for commonalities. That gives always a perfect start for a great conversation.

7. Be yourself. Don’t imitate others (that also requires effort!), you don’t need to.

8. Try not to dominate the conversation. Let others speak while you share your opinion/thoughts/experiences too. Keep it 50–50.

9. Ask meaningful questions. They will lead to meaningful answers. For example: What inspired you to choose a career in the …. industry? What’s the next goal that you are trying to achieve? Tell me something interesting that I don't know .... 

10. Mention the other person’s name occasionally during the conversation. Everyone loves to hear their name, believe me!

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