How To Use Chopsticks And 18 Things Not To Do With Them

Imagine ... you are being invited for dinner by your Chinese friend. Even though you love Chinese food, you never bothered to learn how to use chopsticks and used instead your ordinary utensils. When approaching the dining table you notice that there are only chopsticks. You feel too embarrassed to ask for other utensils and decide to stay quiet. Do you think you will be able to manage without making a fool out of yourself? 

Here some guidelines on how to hold and use chopsticks. 

It might be also useful to watch this video: 


Are you one of those people who like to fidget around with things at the table? If so, find out what you should not do with your chopsticks during your dinner. 

Reference: Ginza Natsuno/Konatsu 
Graphics: Bowlgraphics Atoll Inc

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