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Taxi Etiquette: 25 Do's and Don'ts You Should Know About

Imagine … you are going abroad and need a taxi to get to the airport. Would you know all these 25 do’s and don’ts of using a taxi? Keep reading. 




“Life is like riding a taxi. Whether you are going anywhere or not, the meter keeps ticking.”



# 1 

Don’t let the taxi driver wait. 


# 2 

Make sure you already have cash ready for the driver, so they don't need to look for a cashpoint. If you can pay by card even better!


# 3 

Don’t open the doors until the taxi has stopped. 


# 4 

Stand in line. If you see someone waiting for a taxi, don’t jump the queue trying to get it for yourself. If you really need to go someone urgently, then ask the person kindly if you can go first. 


# 5

Make sure you know the postcode of your destination. 


# 6

Enquire about the taxi fare in advance, don’t complain afterwards. 


# 7

If you want to open a window, check first with all the passengers and the driver whether they are fine with it. 


# 8 

If you need to make more than one stop, let the driver know in advance. 


# 9 

If you feel sick (maybe after coming home from a night out), let the driver know so that they can stop. 


# 10

If you are stuck in traffic, be patient. There is nothing else you can do about. Advising the driver to hurry up won’t make a difference. 





# 11 

If you are travelling in a group of five, don’t force the taxi driver to fit you all in. It is illegal. In this case, either order a bigger taxi or book two taxis instead. 


# 12

Don’t eat food inside a taxi. 


# 13

If there are more alternative routes on how to reach your destination, bear in mind that taxi drivers nowadays use GPS in order to find the quickest route. Thus, no need to micro-manage the journey. However, if you have a preferred route, the driver is obliged to follow your suggestion. He may object and suggest another route, but in this case you may decline. 


# 14

If you feel that the music is too loud, you can ask to turn it down a bit but not completely off. Remember that this is his car and his place of business. If he likes that kind of music while driving, let him enjoy. As it is, you are spending only a short time in it. If he declines your request, just accept it.  


# 15 

Feel free to give a tip if you had a positive experience. Usually it’s 10%. However, it depends in what country you are in. If the person was impolite, made snide comments or came across as threatening, don’t give any tip! 


# 16 

Take note of the taxi’s details, such as plate number, driver’s name, car model and license. Taking a screenshot is also useful and can be done quickly. Should there be any safety issues, you will find it easier to complain to the taxi company or authorities in case something happens. Taking a screenshot might 


# 17

Treat the taxi driver with respect. Don’t act as if you were the king/queen and they are your slaves. Be kind and thank them if they helped you with your bags or assisted you in getting in and out of the car. 


# 18

Engage in a conversation if you feel like it. If you are not in a talking mood, let the driver politely know about it, instead of just ignoring. 


# 19

When travelling with your partner, it would be wise to keep your public display of affection for later, once you get to your destination. You also don’t want the driver to crash because he felt distracted by you both. 


# 20 

Don’t slam the door when you get out of the taxi. 



# 21 

Thank the driver for bringing you safely to your destination. 


# 22

Keep the taxi clean and tidy. Don’t leave any mess behind. 


# 23

When you reach your destination, get out and pay the driver through the front window. 


# 24

When you see a taxi that is available, lift your arm and lean out from the pavement to get his attention. 


# 25

Take the time to leave a positive review if your experience was good. 



Watch this video below and find out some more additional information on what you should be aware of. 


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