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Cell Phone Etiquette Tips

Imagine ... you are talking to someone face to face and the other person just picks up their phone without apologising to you. How would you feel? This is just one scenario of poor phone etiquette. 

Learn more about the do's and don'ts when it comes to using your mobile phone, whether you are somewhere alone or in the presence of others. 

1) Call your business partners, relatives or friends occasionally on the phone instead of texting them. It's more personal. 

2) Switch off your mobile phone when you are at a place where you are supposed to be quiet and show respect: libraries, concerts, houses of worship, funerals, restaurants, private dinners at someone's home, etc. You can turn off the ringer during dinner/meeting or put your phone on vibrate. 

3) Always identify yourself when making a phone call. 

4) Address the person by their name in a courteous manner. 

5) Talk quietly in public. Remember that nobody around you is interested in your conversation. 

6) Pick up the phone (ideally) within 3 rings. Have a positive tone when answering, smiling might help you as well. Be always polite, honest, respectful and nice. 

7) If you can't hear someone properly, don't say "What?" But instead "Pardon?|

8) If you are expecting an important call, move away from the group and take the call outside but let people know about it in advance. 

9) Stay calm. overly emotional cell phone conversations are awkward for the people around you. If you find yourself getting angry or upset, try to end the conversation and call the person back when you are alone. 

10.) When you get a call, let the other person be the one to cut the call. 

11.) Observe the ten-foot rule. When talking on a mobile phone, you should maintain a distance of at least ten feet from the person nearest you. It doesn't matter how softly you speak, if you are stand-in too close to someone, that person has no choice but to listen to your personal business. 

12.) In case you missed a call, return it within a reasonable period of time. 

13.) If you get a call by mistake, let the caller know about it in a polite manner. 

14.) Don't use obnoxious, loud ringtones. 

15.) Don't "cell yell". Use your normal speaking voice. 

16.) Avoid speaking in a public place where everyone can hear you, and you saying things like "What? I don't understand you! ... Oh, that's what she said? Honestly?"

17.) Don't ignore those people that are with you because you are about to take an incoming phone call. Let it go to voice mail and return the call later. 

18.) Don't put someone on speaker without telling them. 

19.) Avoid to interrupt the other speaker (unless it's an emergency). 

20.) Don't leave mean voicemails or even make prank calls. 

21.) Don't send embarrassing images to others. 

22.) You should not text or talk in places/situations that are considered inappropriate or dangerous. For example: crossing a street, while driving, ordering from a cashier, riding in an elevator etc. 

23.) Avoid carrying on your conversation with people while you are talking to someone else on the phone. 

24.) Never place your phone on the table. No matter whether you are in a restaurant, a board meeting or at home. Cell phones should never be part of your place setting. 

25.) Don't use your phone in public restrooms. 

26.) Don't eat while talking on the phone. 

27.) Don't hide your phone on your lap. 

28.) Don't eat or chew something while you are speaking on the phone. 

29.) Don't pick up another person's call unless you have explicit permission to do so. 

30.) Never stop the call abruptly without saying good-bye at the end of the conversation. Instead close with an appropriate salutation and let the caller hang up first. 

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