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How To Be More Likeable

Imagine ... one of your colleagues seems to be so popular among people. You start feeling a bit jealous. You wished to be like her. Find out 10 things that make people in general more likeable than others. 

It's a fact, people love to do business with people they believe in, like and trust. The Global Employability Survey conducted some years ago by Emerging, a consultancy company in France, which surveyed 2,500 recruiters in 20 countries also confirmed that likability is an important ingredient for consistent career and business success. So, do you think you really have it, I mean the likability factor? 

What is actually that distinguishes highly likeable people from the rest? These are the 10 secrets that you can also apply in order to be more likeable. 

* Be confident but in a humble way without boosting too much about your successes. You will make others feel much more at ease by doing so. 

* Show your genuine interest in others. Don't talk too much, instead ask questions. Let the other person notice that you are really listening to them and want to find out more about their personal needs, wants and interests. 

* Don't be too serious, try to show some sense of humour. Can you laugh at yourself once in a while? Then, you are on the right path. 

* Share genuine compliments when they are due without any hesitation. People love to be praised without feeling that it's fake. 

* Approach strangers in a meeting or conference if you have the impression that they feel like a fish out of water. Approaching the person and starting a conversation will help them to feel at ease more quickly. 

* Be authentic and real, don't fake it. Keep good eye contact, have an authentic smile, vary your tone of voice when speaking depending on the situation and show positive facial expressions at all times. 

* Be empathetic and acknowledge other peoples' feelings. for example, if someone tells you that they were struggling with a certain problem, don't hesitate to share a similar personal story with them. With this strategy you will create more trust and build an instant bond. 

* Show your integrity by doing what you consider as right. Speak up to represent your values, even if people don't agree with you. 

* Be kind, it pays off. No matter how competent you are, if you come across as arrogant and don't show any good manners, people will not want to be around you. Try to be respectful, kind and polite at any time. 

* Be reliable. If you promise something stick to it. Be someone that people know they can rely on, no matter what! 

Don't forget that the secrets of being likeable and having the ability to win people over has its benefits. You will always feel welcome in the presence of others, have a bigger network, attract new customers with ease, achieve higher sales and live a happier life. Being reliable, yes, it pays off! 

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