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How To Give A Proper Handshake

Imagine ... you go to a job interview or to a corporate meeting. You greet everyone, you shake hands and get down to business. You hope you get a second chance for a further interview or that you are able to close a deal with the other party. Sadly, nothing of all this happens. By chance you come across a video where they talk about handshakes. You suddenly realise that it could have been your weak handshake that has put people off. How would you feel? 

Remember, there is no second chance to leave a first impression. You might think a handshake is just a handshake, but it can reveal a lot about your personality. And people do pay attention to it. Don't underestimate this little interaction with others. 

The following video explains what message different types of handshake send to others. Watch the video and become more confident when greeting others. Don't loose out on opportunities be it in your studies, in your personal or professional life! 



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