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How To Recognise A Real Friend

Imagine … you feel that your new friend is not always behaving the way you wished they would. You start having mixed feelings. You are trying to figure out how good they are as a friend. You do some introspection and ask yourself some questions. Find out what the signs are that indicate that you have a great friend.   

My friend: 
·      appreciates and likes me for who I am (where I can be ME all the time)
·      accepts that I choose my own friends 
·      makes me feel welcome in their group or activity
·      has good things to say about me to their friends
·      uses humour in a harmless way
·      makes me feel accepted and safe
·      works things out with me when I have problems
·      is someone I can count on every day
·      really wants to hang out with me 
·      is honest and says what they mean and mean what they say 
·      takes care of me when I am going through a crisis
·      gives perspective and advises, but doesn’t judge 
·      gives space and is not clingy or needy 
·      builds trust and always keeps promises
·      listens when needed. No matter what day or time it is.
·      shares their experiences with me (so that I might learn from it and don't make the same mistakes). 
·      apologises and forgives, without holding any grudges. 
·      understands me without saying anything
·      makes me feel good when spending time together 
·      gives me the feeling of equal power, where nobody is dominating the relationship
·      improves the quality of my life
·      would enjoy going on a vacation together (or has already done it and there were no issues) 
·      remembers your birthday and makes you feel particularly special on that day
·      comforts me when I am going through a loss or disappointing experience
·      is someone I can ask for advice on a personal issue
·      can sit together with me comfortably in silence
·      misses you if you are living apart from each other for some time
·      has no issues to lend me something if I need it
Thus, distance yourself from a person who: 
·      puts you down to build themselves up
·      tells you who you can be friends with
·      won’t let you join their group or activity
·      gossips, spreads rumors or sends hurtful messages about you
·      says rude or hurtful things and then says “no offense” or “just joking”
·      makes you feel unaccepted and unsafe
·      never admits to or apologises for anything they did wrong
·      are nice some days and mean the rest
·      only mingles with you when nobody else is available 
Watch this video, and find out other differences between a good and a toxic friend. 


Choose your friends wisely. Choose the ones that are of good character and are prepared to do everything for you. You will never regret befriending them. 
If you know someone who could also benefit from this blog post, please feel free to share. Thank you. 

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