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How To Show You Are A Great Listener

Imagine ... you are talking to someone and you feel so bored about what they are saying. Your eyes are focused on the clock. You are wondering when the person has finished talking. Then suddenly the person asks you "What do you think about it?" You have basically no clue because you where focused on the tasks that you need to get done on that day. Surely an embarrassing situation! 

Thus, how can you show that you are a good listener? These are the signs. Embrace them! 

* You look at the speaker (not the wall clock or other people around you) and keep good eye contact. 

* You pay full attention to what they are saying.

* You sit/stand still without fidgeting.

* You ask meaningful and open-ended questions.

* You give feedback. Tell what you think but always be kind along the way.
* You don't interrupt the speaker, no matter how eager you are to put your point across. 

* You stay focused on what they are saying without being distracted of what is going on around both of you. 

* You stay patient. 

* You relate to the topic and look interested in the conversation. You show that also with your body language. 

* You can interpret non-verbal clues. 

* You don't jump to conclusions. You don't make assumptions. 

* You genuinely care about what the person is saying (and if the situation allows you take notes). 

* You remember what the other person says and repeat some of it back to them.

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