Putting Your Partner to the Test: 16 Crucial Questions

Imagine ... you want to know if your partner is a good fit for you or not. These are 16 things you should ask yourself before you decide to engage in a more serious and intimate way with this person. 

·      How does he treats his parents? 

·      How does he speak to and about other people? Remember who gossips to you, will gossip of you. 

·      Does his behaviour change when surrounded by different people? 

·      How does he react when someone else does well or accomplished something? Is he happy for them or truly jealous? 

·      How does he react when things don’t go according to plan? Does he get aggressive, angry and frustrated?

·      Does he know how to manage his time? Does he turn up on time or is he always late (with you and others)? Remember being late is equivalent to: not respecting the other person, not caring about the other person and not being really interested in the person. 

·      Does he put things away when he is done with it? For example, when brushing his teeth, using equipment at the gym, etc.? Does he care about others and respect them or not? 

·      Does he pick up the litter or is he the litterer? 

·      How does he treat animals? Does he refer to them as "it's just an animal", or is he struggling to hold his love for animals back? 

·      How does the person drive his car? Is he relaxed or aggressive and agitated?
·      What repetitive little habits does he have? 

·      How does he react to criticism? Can he take and accept it or is he going to burst? 

·      How does he behave in a restaurant? Let’s say the food is not good or comes late, does he make a fuss and gets upset or can he keep his continuance? 

·      How does he eat? Making any noises, eating quickly and not showing any manners? 
·      What relationship does he have with his phone? Is he constantly busy on it and addicted to it? 
·      How does he behave when nobody is watching? Is he doing the right thing, regardless if someone is observing a situation or not or does he show a completely different side of his personality? 

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