25 Ways on How to Improve

Imagine ... other people make you aware that you are not as good at something as you originally thought. However, you also know that you are not one who gives up easily and you know you have fire in your belly. You are grateful for the realisation though. You think of a strategy on how you can improve. 

These are 25 ways on how to improve: 

1) Set goals. 
2) Read daily. 
3) Meditate. 
4) Love yourself. 
5) Each healthy. 
6) Wake up early. 
7) Start a journal. 
8) Judge less. 
9) Ask for feedback. 
10) Quit a bad habit.
11) Believe in yourself. 
12) Learn a new skill. 
13) Start a new routine. 
14) Don't make excuses. 
15) Stop procrastinating. 
16) Focus on the positive. 
17) Change your attitude. 
18) Focus one day at a time. 
19) Don't compare yourself (if it makes you feel worse). Do compare yourself (if it motivates you).  
20) Automate and delegate (if possible).
21) Acknowledge your flaws, identify your blind spots and take action to improve. 
22) Change or extend your social circle. 
23) See failure as opportunity. 
24) Quit things that aren't working.
25) Watch educational videos, listen to enriching podcasts, read insightful content. Do it daily. 

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