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Don't Look For A Job, Do This Instead ...

Imagine ... You've been applying for jobs for months with little success. Sending out application after application yields only a handful of interviews, each one followed by a rejection letter. It's clear this strategy isn't working.


So let me tell you how you can totally rock your career and job search. Now, you've probably heard all the typical advice before - update your resume, search job boards, network and stuff like that. But today, we're tossing the rulebook and getting creative!

Here's the deal - instead of just blindly applying for jobs you see posted, I want to challenge you to think outside the box. Rather than being one resume in a stack of hundreds (particularly if you apply for "remote only" jobs, where you are competing with talent on a global stage), transform yourself into the perfect solution that a company didn't even know it needed! Let me walk you through some ideas.


Imagine ... you're scrolling Instagram and you notice some company is having embarrassingly bad engagement on social media. As someone awesome in this field, don't just apply for a job - put together an amazing proposal for how you'd turn their presence around! So, give real examples of campaigns where you drove a considerable boost in web traffic and lay out a plan to make that company the greatest on the block!


Or, what if you see reviews online saying some business has very poor customer service? Come on ... Do a deep analysis of where they are going wrong and how your skills could develop some serious customer loyalty. Get their attention by positioning yourself as the genius they need to transform opinions and drive sales. Not just an applicant - their saviour!


Let's move on to the culinary scene. Picture this - you're a skilled chef with amazing kitchen talents. One day you come across a restaurant that has been struggling to innovate their menu, the lack of customers speaks volumes and the ambience is off-putting. Now, this is your time to spice things up! Put together a presentation that highlights your culinary brilliance, include mouth-watering pictures of your signature dishes and also mention your booming YouTube cooking channel. Share specific stories of how you've reinvented tired classics into must-try sensations. Also, propose some bold new menu items that will wow their customers. Or what about bringing in samples of your work - get them salivating over an amazing appetizer or decadent dessert.


So, the point is: don't just apply for the job - entice them with your food vision. Present yourself not as a cook, but as a creative game-changer for their restaurant. Through a mix of visuals, anecdotes, and irresistible recipes, you'll convince them that you're the missing ingredient their kitchen needs. By the end, their taste buds will be dancing and they'll be begging you to join their team. Now that's how .... you leave a lasting flavor!


So remember, the opportunities are endless if you use your strengths. Whatever your talent is: data analysis, marketing ideas, programming, cutting-edge education techniques etc., showcase how it can be the solution to a company's problem. Even as a total newbie, you can blow them away with visuals of what you can do. It's all about creativity, strategy and letting your unique strengths shine!


And one more important point, you can also get on a company's radar before jobs are even posted. Start engaging on their social media, sharing your expertise, and becoming a familiar face. That way when an opening pops up down the road, they'll already be thinking of you! It's all about playing the long game.



So, let’s recap, throw the traditional job search playbook out the window. Don't just be a random applicant - make yourself THE sought-after solution. Use those creative skills of yours to showcase how your skills can help a business thrive. Trust me, they'll be begging you to come on board!


I hope this post has given you fresh insights and inspiration to revolutionise your job search approach. 



If you know someone who could also benefit from this post, 

please feel free to share. Thank you. 





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