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30 Ways to Start A Speech

Imagine ... you've been asked to give an inspiring talk at a conference for young professionals. You want to motivate them to pursue their career dreams wholeheartedly. How might you start your speech and captivate them right from the beginning?  There are so many options when considering how to start a speech that will capture your audience's imagination right from the outset. You can intrigue them with a bold statement, connect through shared experiences, or make them laugh and nod in agreement. The key is finding an opening that resonates with their goals and mindset.  

20 Ways to be Professional

Imagine ... you're a new hire at a prestigious consulting firm. On your first day, you notice how sharply everyone is dressed -suits, ties, blazers, and dress shoes. In the conference room, consultants address each other formally and communicate politely even when disagreeing. During your orientation, the managing partner emphasizes the importance of maintaining confidentiality, admitting mistakes, and supporting teammates. Clearly, this firm embodies professional ways to be professional. But what exactly does this entail for you as a junior employee? How do you convey professionalism in your words, actions, and conduct? Professionalism encompasses many qualities beyond simply dressing nicely. It involves your attitude, communication style, competencies, and more. Here are 20 impactful ways to be professional that can set you apart: 1. Dress the part. While every office has its own dress code standards, aim for well-fitting, clean, and modest attire to portray an image of responsib