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42 Mistakes to Avoid As An Intern

Imagine  ... you are being offered an internship at a great company. You can't wait to get started.  The question that you might ask yourself now is:  What faux pas should I avoid during this limited time?  Here is a guide that helps you to have a head start by avoiding these 42 mistakes. 

How To Integrate Well Into A Team Right From The Start

Imagine … you got a new job at one of the best firms to work for. You really look forward to your new challenge, but there is one thing that worries you a bit. Guess what?  You are joining a team that is very different from what you have experienced so far. Until now you worked in a team of 5 people, where everyone was of similar age and of the same country. Now you have been employed by one of the most desirable employers.

How To Position Yourself As An Expert

Imagine ... you want to become a real expert in your particular niche. You are fully aware that there are many ways on how you can achieve this goal. However, you are wondering which strategy would be the most effective for you. I was curious to find out what other global experts had to say in this regard. Find out more about their personal experience and what they recommend.

35 Tips On How To Create More Time In Your Life

Imagine ... you are always feeling stressed. Your work is piling up. You never find a moment to relax. You feel overwhelmed all the time. You even start making lots of mistakes because you are in such a rush. This doesn't have to be like this! Find out 35 tips on how to create more time in your life and take things a bit easier.   “Time Management is Life Management.”    

100 Questions To Ask A Recruiter During A Job Interview

Imagine ... you are at a job interview and the recruiter's last question is "Do you have any questions about the job position or our company?". Your answer is NO.  Well, the Hiring Manager wouldn't be really impressed. They would want to hire someone who shows interest and motivation, not just in the job position but also in the company and what they do. Remember, coming up with smart questions (whose answers you don't find on the internet or in their corporate brochures) is something that can set you apart. It might be just this little bit of curiosity that gives you the extra edge and help you in landing the job. 

How To Change A Flat Tire

Imagine ... you are driving your car and notice all of a sudden that your tire is punctured. In the past, you might have seen other people changing their tires. But now it's your turn! Would you know where to start and would you be able to do it with confidence?  Find out the 7 steps that are involved in the process of changing a flat tire. And if you prefer watching a video, then feel free to watch the one below. 

22 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing The Right Career

Imagine ... you finished your main education and it's time to choose a career. Others giving you suggestions on what to do. You feel confused. You don't really know where to start. 

How To Get More Twitter Followers

Imagine ... you want to spread the word about your expertise on Twitter. At the same time you also want to increase the number of your followers. You don't really know where to start. Allow me to reveal my forty personal tips on how I got my first 1000 Twitter Followers in 44 days by using a more systematic and strategic approach.

How To Tie A Tie

Imagine ... you need to attend an important occasion and you need to tie your own tie. With all these different methods out there, would you know how to do it? Or let's say you are a lady and you need to assist your partner in this task, could you help him? 

Types of Dress Codes Explained

Imagine ... you get an invitation which says "Dress Code: Casual", "Business Casual", "Smart Casual", "Business Informal", "Semi-Formal" or "Formal/Black tie/black tie optional".  Would you (ladies and gentlemen) know exactly what to wear in order to get it right and leave a good impression?   Use this as a guide. 

How To Set A Table For Various Occasions

Imagine ... today you are being invited to a FORMAL dinner. You think you know it all, but once you see all these cutlery and glassware on the table, a moment of panic strikes. Which utensil is for which dish, and which glass is for which drink?   Below you can see a formal table setting. Try to remember the different types of cutlery so that next time you are facing a similar situation, you will feel more relaxed, confident and poised. 

36 Ways to Lose Weight the Effective Way

Imagine ... you realise that your self confidence is dropping because of the weight you have put on in recent months. You are desperate to find a way to change your situation. What are you planning to do? 

50 Ways To Say NO

I magine … someone asks you for a favour. You would love to help but you can’t. Here are 50 ways on how you can say NO to others. 

Taxi Etiquette: 25 Do's and Don'ts You Should Know About

Imagine … you are going abroad and need a taxi to get to the airport. Would you know all these 25 do’s and don’ts of using a taxi? Keep reading.     

How To Be A Great Conversationalist

Imagine ... you are sitting in a room with a stranger and you simply don't know what to talk about. You know that you will be there for another one hour. What are you going to do? 

How To Use Chopsticks And 18 Things Not To Do With Them

Imagine ... you are being invited for dinner by your Chinese friend. Even though you love Chinese food, you never bothered to learn how to use chopsticks and used instead your ordinary utensils. When approaching the dining table you notice that there are only chopsticks. You feel too embarrassed to ask for other utensils and decide to stay quiet. Do you think you will be able to manage without making a fool out of yourself?  Here some guidelines on how to hold and use chopsticks. 

10 Smart Things To Do After A Job Interview

Imagine ... you just finished your job interview. You are wondering if there is anything productive you can do until they will let you know about further steps or their hiring decision. 

40 Gift Giving Mistakes To Avoid (Around the World)

Imagine …. you give someone (you really care about) a gift. Somehow you have the impression that it didn’t make the receiver particularly happy. You wonder what the reason could have been.   

58 Travel Mistakes To Avoid

Imagine ... you go on a holiday and it turns out to be a nightmare due to the fact that you did not prepare for it as you should have. Find out 58 travel mistakes to avoid.    

Job Search Via Social Media: 45 Smart Tips To Succeed

Imagine ... you want to find a new exciting job. You  decided not to do it  the old traditional way by reading newspaper job ads, but instead looking at it online via social media. I will give you 45 smart tips on how to succeed. 

50 Ideas To Feel Happy

Imagine ..... you are feeling quite low since a couple of days. You hope the situation will change quickly. You start asking yourself: When was actually the last time I was really happy and why?  If it takes you a while to think of a happy moment, it’s time to do something about it.

Moving Abroad The Easy Way: 9 Things to Consider

Imagine ... you decide to move abroad for work or study purposes. First you are happy and then comes this overwhelming feeling of stress. 

Your Profile Picture: 20 Things To Avoid

Imagine ... you are missing out on opportunities because of a poor profile picture. How would you feel? 

30 Ways How To Be Respected By Others

Imagine … since days you have the impression that others don’t respect you, despite your impressive educational background and your financial wealth.  You are wondering about the possible reasons. You are clueless.  Keep reading and find out if the answer to your dilemma can be found in the points mentioned below.