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Getting Rejected for a Job? Here Are 100 Positive Things You Can Do Next

We've all been there - you put in hours of work on a job application, nail the interviews, and feel confident that the job is yours. Then the dreaded rejection email or phone call comes. It stings no matter how many times it happens or how prepared you try to be.       While it's important to take time to process the disappointment, wallowing or beating yourself up won't make you feel better or get closer to your goals. There are many positive, productive things you can do after getting that "no thanks" from a potential employer. This list has 100 ideas spanning self-care, reflection, skill-building, networking and more.   Self-Care After Rejection   1. Take a bubble bath 2. Get a massage 3. Go to the spa 4. Have a good cry 5. Vent to a trusted friend 6. Go for a long walk   7. Cuddle with your pet or significant other   8. Listen to uplifting music 9. Watch funny YouTube videos 10. Do some yoga for stress relief   Reflecting On the O

100 Things You Should Not Say at Your Workplace

Imagine ... a workplace where people felt free to say whatever they wanted without considering the consequences. Confidential business information would get leaked, unfiltered negativity would kill morale, harassment would go unchecked, and unprofessional behavior would be rampant. A toxic culture of mistrust, resentment and fear would take hold. Productivity would suffer as politicking and gossip took center stage. Competitive advantage would be squandered through thoughtless public criticism and internal conflicts. Careers and reputations would be irreparably damaged.