The Art Of Asking Meaningful Questions

Imagine ... you make a lot of mistakes on various occasions in your life. You realise that this is based on the fact that you don't do your research properly and you don't ask those meaningful and crucial questions. How would you feel? 

As they say, there are no stupid questions. Asking questions does matter and is important. Why? Because the more knowledgeable you are about something, the better informed you are and the better decisions you will make (and hence, less mistakes you will make along the way).

Imagine …

→ you are going to a job interview. By asking the Hiring Manager the right questions, you will find out whether this is really the job you want to do and whether it’s the right company for you. So, ask questions about: the job, the company, the interviewer, the team and the industry. Asking questions will also demonstrate to the interviewer that you took the time to prepare the questions, that you are genuinely interested in the job and the company and that you are motivated. Thus, never underestimate this stage during the interview process.

→ you want to buy your first home. By asking the homeowner the right questions, you will find out whether this is the right home for you (and your family). Therefore, ask questions about the house, the neighbours, the area etc.

→ you want to buy a car (new or used). By asking the car seller the right questions, you will find out whether the car suits you or not. Ask for the car history (and its documentation), ………..

→ you want to find a new friend (or your life partner). By asking the other person meaningful questions, you will find out whether you have things in common, you are a good match and can imagine to spend time together for the rest of your life (as friends or as a married couple).

→ you are going to a party or a professional networking event where you don’t know anyone. You want to engage in a conversation, rather than standing in the corner looking like a loner….. Again, the more interesting questions you ask, the more interested other people will be to engage with you and the more enjoyable your experience will turn out.

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